Abstract Submission for Other Poster Presenters

Abstracts should be sent to the organizers at: uh.at1519347162m.iko1519347162k@tna1519347162rglev1519347162art.k1519347162rowte1519347162nhrng1519347162 before February 17 (Latest deadline).

      Abstracts should be single-spaced, with Size 12 Times New Roman Fonts.
    Select your Abstract Category:
  • Genetics & Bioinformatics
  • Basic GnRH biology
  • Clinical (e.g. case reports, puzzling cases, clinical series)


Title (in bold)
Authors’ names: Last name of first author, followed by initials1, Last name of second author, followed by initials2, etc.
1Affiliation of first author; 2Other affiliations… (in italics)
Abstract text … (not to exceed 300 words)

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