Registration Fees

Guest Speakers Student Trainees Early Regular Late Regular On-Site Regular
Dec. 10, 2015 –     Jan. 25,  2016 Dec. 10, 2015 –    Feb. 1, 2016 Dec. 10, 2015 –       Feb. 1, 2016 Feb. 2, 2016 –      Feb. 26, 2016 March 6 – 9, 2016
0 € 170 € 220 € 280 € 340 €


EU COST action BM1105 expires in April 2016. Therefore, this program can not provide full funding for the Travel Grants and the local conference expenses any longer. The leadership of the ’GnRH network’ is actively seeking new financial strategies and resources to be able to organize this meeting/Training School each year and has ongoing applications for funding by relevant scientific organizations and for sponsorship by industrial sponsors/exhibitors.

All attendees (including members of the COST Network and Students who sign up for the Training School) will be required to pay a modest Registration Fee. This will cover the entry to the scientific program and also the costs of coffee breaks, lunches and social/cultural programs which will be made available free of charge for everyone. To keep the expenses of Student Trainees as low as possible, the organizers offer i) reduced registration fee, ii) economical housing solutions and iii) Travel Grants. The invited Symposium Speakers and Plenary Lecturers are required to register in the ‘Guest Speaker’ category and will be exempt from paying for the registration.